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[Press Releases] [Press Release]Theragen Bio and Korea University Ansan Hospital sign MOU to produce and analyze precision genomic data

마케팅커뮤니케이션2023-07-10Hit 1376

 Theragen Bio Collaborate with Korea University Ansan Hospital to Produce and Analyze High-Quality Genome Data... Will Contribute to Advancing and Activating Cancer Research


Theragen Bio, a global genomics analysis service, and AI-based drug development company, led by CTO Paik Soon-myung, announced the signing of an MOU with Korea University Ansan Hospital, under the leadership of Hospital Director Kwon Soon-young, on the 6th. The MOU aims to facilitate the production and utilization of precise genomic data. The signing ceremony took place at Theragen Bio's headquarters in Pangyo, with the attendance of about ten people, including Samuel Hwang (CEO, Theragen Bio), Soonmyung Paik (CTO, Theragen Bio), Lee Ju-han (Chief of Research Division, Korea University Ansan Hospital), and Choi Jung-yoon (Head of Medical Oncology and Hematology, Korea University Ansan Hospital).


As per the MOU, Theragen Bio will leverage its extensive expertise and technology accumulated over more than ten years to produce and provide high-quality genomic information. In turn, Korea University Ansan Hospital intends to utilize this data as a foundational resource for tumor research.


The collaborative efforts between Theragen Bio and Korea University Ansan Hospital will be focused on several key aspects, including ▲ producing and providing precision genomic data ▲ engaging in cutting-edge precision medical services, such as Single Cell Genomics and Spatial Transcriptomics ▲ identifying and cooperating on joint research projects going forward.


Soonmyung Paik, the CTO of Theragen Bio, emphasized, "The significance of obtaining high-quality genomic data through the latest technology in cancer research is continuously increasing." He further expressed his belief that "Theragen Bio's high-quality data will significantly contribute to Korea University Hospital's cancer research."


Lee Ju-han, Chief of Research Division at Korea University Ansan Hospital, emphasized the critical importance of acquiring up-to-date data to advance precision medicine. Through this partnership, they aim to enhance their understanding of cancer and explore innovative approaches to personalized medical treatments collaborating with Theragen Bio, a global genomic analysis company.