Clinical Trial Sample Analysis

Theragen Bio has built a reliable and systematic bioinformatics analysis system that specializes in clinical trials using complex genomic technologies.

* Optimized Solution, End-to-End Service: We provide a comprehensive bioinformatics analysis solution to support the necessary aspects of clinical and regulatory compliance. From sample collection and preservation to preprocessing, sequencing, biomarker analysis, and reporting services, we offer the highest level of service for all clinical trials.

Clinical trial sample Analysis

Features & Benefits

  • Reliable bioinformatics analysis support specialized in clinical trials and drug development: Theragen Bio has experience in successfully conducting clinical trials for drug combination therapy by achieving high library preparation success and mutation analysis for hundreds of samples extracted from FFPE specimens of lung cancer, gastric cancer, and colorectal cancer from leading domestic pharmaceutical companies.
  • Advanced platform for FFPE sample data analysis: Theragen Bio provides an optimized pipeline for each mutation to minimize false positives caused by deamination of DNA extracted from FFPE specimens.
  • Support for biomarker discovery based on deep learning and spatial genomics: Theragen Bio can support biomarker discovery based on big data, deep learning, and spatial genomics.
  • Secure reliability and competitiveness in clinical trial analysis using genomic testing at a global standard, along with proving the excellence of drug development and diagnostic technology, starting from the early stage of drug development research by domestic pharmaceutical and biotech companies.