[NGS Service] What's the requirement for sample preparation?


[General] How do I contact customer service?


Please contact us via mobile or email if any questions arise. 


Service Dept. Mobile Email
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[NGS Service] What are the advantages of Exome Sequencing over Chip?

Exome sequencing is more advantageous for locating common and rare variants within the exon region.

In addition, it has the advantage of producing more reliable and accurate data than Chip.

[NGS Service] How do I receive raw data (FASTQ) and analysis results?

We will upload raw data and analysis results to the FTP server account assigned to each customer and inform you of the access guidelines and ID/PW so that you can access it.

[NGS Service] How much does coverage depth require to obtain sufficient information with Whole Genome Sequencing?

Normal samples typically produce 30X (90Gb) of data.

In the case of cancer samples, we produce 60X (180Gb), which is twice of normal samples considering of purity.

According to the first Asian genome map, 20X-paired-end data is required to obtain a complete resequencing map.

The final depth may vary depending on the sample type and analysis purpose.

[NGS Service] How long does it take to receive the result?

Data production (sequencing) takes about 2 weeks after sample QC and analysis takes about 1 week. The entire process takes about 3 weeks in total.

Duration may vary if the platform is changed or if it is not a standard analysis.

[NGS Service] How should I prepare the sample to be delivered?

[One day before sending the sample] 


Step 1. After purifying the RNA sample and perform QC with Nano Drop and gel electrophoresis. 


Step 2. Pipette the precipitated total RNA sample. (Total 100 to 400 ㎕)


Step 3. Add 1/10 of the final volume of 3M NaOAc (pH 5.2) solution


Step 4. Dissolve the sample and make sure it is completely dissolved


[The day of sample shipment]


Step 5. Store at a temperature of -80℃ during precipitation


Step 6. Dissolve the sample and make sure it is completely dissolved


Step 7. Pack sample tubes in dry ice or ice packs in boxes at least 1.5 inches thick.


Step 8. Seal the boxes


[Ready for shipment]


[NGS Service] May I know the price of each service?

Estimates for each project may vary depending on data output, analysis, and etc.

For more information, please contact us on the Inquiry page.

[NGS Service] How should I pay for service?

For contracted companies/institutions, we accept purchase orders and full payment will be due after the completion of the project. For other companies/institutions, pre-payment is due before the project starts.

Accepted payment methods include wire transfer and credit card (with additional charges)

[General] Where can I find academic papers written by Theragen Bio?

You can find our papers on the Papers page under the Performances page