Theragen Bio


황태순 대표이사

Samuel Hwang

CEO, Theragen Bio


  • [2019-Present] CEO, Theragen Bio
  • [Present] Honorary Chairman, Korea Genome Industry Council
  • [2018] Member, The Presidential Committee on the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • [2018] Grand prize awarded, Korea New Growth Management Awards 2018
  • [2000-2013] Director, Cisco Systems Asia Consulting Business Department

Global genome service provider and
Platform-based biopharmaceutical company,
Theragen Bio

Theragen Bio has grown into a global top tier in the rapidly growing genome services and analysis market as a second semiconductor.

Based on the accumulated capabilities over the past decade, we have been providing more than 700 domestic medical institutions, scientists and research institutes in 40 overseas countries with excellent quality of genome services.

  • Korea's first Hi Seq genomic decoding equipment introduced and operated state-of-the-art genomic laboratory
  • World's 5th human genome map analysis
  • Korea's first overseas licensing of cancer genomic decodification and analysis pipelines
  • 2nd consecutive years in global competition of AI new drug development
  • Acquired the world's first personal information security certification ISO27701 in the genomic industry

On the other hand, Theragen Bio has decided on therapetics R&D as a second leap forward for the next 10 years and is carrying out visible practices.

  • Development of neo-antigen based cancer vaccine
  • Development of new anticancer drugs (ADC and Small Molecules)
  • Continuous genome services and analysis algorithm differentiation

Based on the substantial organizational culture of world-class business and first-in-class science, we want to realize the vision of cultivating future scientists and contributing to human health. Finally, I deeply appreciate the love of all customers, partners, and executives and employees.