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[Press Releases] [Press Release]Theragen Bio to Strengthen R&D and Advance Digital Healthcare Services through Theragen Health Spin-off

마케팅커뮤니케이션2023-09-12Hit 1530

Theragen Bio has focused on clinical analysis services and the research and development of therapeutic cancer vaccines over the past 10 years, leveraging its research-based genomics analysis capabilities both domestically and internationally.

 Theragen Health has undergone a restructuring into a business model centered around "prediction and prevention," actively participating in addressing national-level issues related to an aging society. They are prioritizing investment and service development for the advancement of digital healthcare services.

 Both companies are poised to use the opportunity to achieve an "innovative leap" towards growth by 2030.


Global genomics analysis service and AI-based drug development company, Theragen Bio (CEO: Samuel Hwang), are accelerating their business innovation with a focus on service enhancement and operational efficiency through the separation of Theragen Health and digital transformation. Theragen Bio and Theragen Health have set a 'leap of innovation' for sustained growth until 2030, selecting key strategies such as ▲ strengthening R&D through capital raising ▲ enhancing operational efficiency through corporate separation ▲ and digital transformation. They have also expanded and opened R&D labs optimized for their respective business areas.



Theragen Bio, based on its genomics analysis capabilities accumulated over the past decade, is currently concentrating its efforts on specialized clinical analysis services targeting clinical and pharmaceutical companies, as well as the development of new-generation cancer vaccines based on neoantigens. Over the past decade, Theragen Bio has gained a competitive edge in the data analysis field (Bioinformatics) and recently developed DEEPOMICS® (a self-developed deep learning algorithm), acquiring more than 10 patents and seeking to differentiate its services in the clinical analysis sample market.


Digital healthcare company Theragen Health (CEO: Samuel Hwang) participated in the pilot personal genetic analysis service conducted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare for six years starting in 2016. In the latter half of 2022, Theragen Health obtained certification from the Ministry of Health and Welfare for consumer-oriented genetic testing services (non-medical institution genetic testing services), approving services related to health management, exercise characteristics, nutrient management, and more, totaling 116 items. Theragen Health was the first in South Korea to commercialize disease prediction genetic testing in 2010 and conducted clinical trials related to disease genetic testing with 15 domestic university hospitals in 2013, contributing to the publication of joint brochures by academia, industry, research, and healthcare to help patients understand the subject. In early 2020, it launched microbiome testing for individuals. In the future, Theragen Health plans to invest in R&D to strengthen the ecosystem of 'continual prediction and prevention' and actively contribute to the solution of the national issue of rapid aging by pursuing digital transformation through close cooperation with medical and healthcare institutions.


The Health Insurance Policy Research Institute predicts that rapid aging will lead to an increase in healthcare expenses for the elderly, with expenditures exceeding 40 trillion won annually by 2025 and reaching 390 trillion won by 2060. The domestic personal genetic testing industry can serve as an alternative to induce efficient budget execution and savings in national budgets that are severely affected by healthcare costs, especially for chronic diseases.


Meanwhile, in September of last year, Theragen Bio held an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders to physically divide the healthcare business division that has been providing various personal genetic testing (PGS) services into "Theragen Health." In the first half of this year, Theragen Health obtained certification from the Disease Management Authority and the Ministry of Health and Welfare.