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[Press Releases] [Press Release]Theragen Bio and Herbalife Korea launch jointly developed genetic analysis service Gene Start+

마케팅커뮤니케이션2022-08-08Hit 2511

■ After its first launch in 2018, the service has been greatly expanded with 41 detailed items after five years... Prioritizing user convenience in development

■ "We will provide comprehensive support to become a gene-based personalized health management service worldwide in the future."

The gene analysis service Gene Start+, jointly developed by Theragen Bio (CEO: Samuel Hwang), global genomics analysis service and AI-based new drug development company, and Herbalife Korea, has been renewed after five years since its launch in 2018. The detailed inspection items have also been greatly expanded from the previous 10 to 41.

The newly upgraded Gene Start+ has been renewed with user convenience as the top priority. Genetic test items are largely divided into eight areas, including obesity management, vitamin management, vascular health, mineral management, musculoskeletal management, nutrient management, diet management, and skin and hair management, and detailed test items have been greatly expanded from 10 to 41. In addition, the method of checking the test results had to be checked through a booklet in the past, but the results can be checked anytime, anywhere by introducing a mobile app.


Herbalife Korea attracted attention from the industry by introducing Gene Start, a genetic testing service jointly developed with Theragen Bio in 2018. Based on the results of genetic tests and dietary habits surveys on various items such as body mass index (BMI), triglyceride concentration, cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure using easy-to-use genetic testing kits, it has received more realistic and effective consulting regarding healthcare guidelines and recommendations for Herbalife Nutrition products.


Samuel Hwang, CEO of Theragen Bio, said, "The 'Healthy Pleasure' trend, which means enjoying health management, is popular among all age groups, and the goal of health management is shifting from 'treatment' to 'prevention.' In the future, the market for personalized solutions for effective health management for individuals will also expand." He also said, "We will spare no effort in making Gene Start+ a global gene-based personalized health management service."

Meanwhile, Theragen Bio succeeded in personal genetic analysis for the fifth time in the world and the first time in Korea and commercialized personalized genetic analysis services for the first time in Asia in 2010. Currently, Theragen Bio provides genetic analysis services to 700 domestic medical institutions and research institutes in 40 overseas countries.