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[Press Releases] Theragen Bio, published in the international Article ‘Scientific Reports’ DEEPOMICS® FFPE paper approved for publication

PS마케팅2024-02-01Hit 2023

Theragen Bio (CEO: Samuel Hwang), a global genome analysis service and AI-based new drug development company, announced on the 1st that its paper has been approved for publication in Scientific Reports, a sister publication of the world-renowned science journal Nature.


This paper shows improved performance compared to existing models and is about a method to remove 99.6% of fake mutations and reveal 87.1% true mutations. DEEPOMICS® FFPE introduced in this paper is a new AI model that distinguishes spurious mutations occurring in Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) tissue samples, significantly reducing the risks that may occur during clinical trials based on FFPE specimens. By reducing this, the success rate of clinical trials and clinical sample analysis can be increased.

Baek Soon-myeong, head of the Theragen Bio Research Center (CTO), said, “We hope that this paper will serve as a foundation for providing better quality services to domestic and foreign researchers who feel limited in their research due to difficulties with FFPE samples,” and added, “Based on Theragen Bio’s technological capabilities, we “We will strive to create a competitive service,” he said.

Theragen Bio Deputy Director Hong Seong explained, “We will strive to provide more reliable services through continued research and development differentiation, and the results of this study will be the first step in increasing the accuracy of Theragen Bio’s cancer vaccine.”

Theragen Bio is researching and developing a therapeutic neoantigen cancer vaccine that helps activate immune cells by selectively stimulating T cells that recognize tumor mutations. The field of neoantigen cancer vaccines is attracting attention in the development of cancer treatments because it has the feature of applying the concept of personalized treatment in that neoantigens are selected based on the mutation information of different tumors for each individual.

Meanwhile, Theragen Bio has applied for and registered 3 additional new antigen prediction patents in 2023. In the future, we plan to continue research and development on customized treatment targets and new drugs for each patient to develop the genome big data platform DEEPOMICS® and innovative genome-based solutions.