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[Press Releases] Signed a contract with Theragen Bio Arontier to jointly develop an AI-based personalized cancer vaccine design platform

마케팅커뮤니케이션2024-01-17Hit 625

■On the 10th, a joint research agreement was signed at Theragen Bio headquarters to develop a patient-tailored cancer vaccine development platform.

■Theragen Bio plans to provide advice and experimental verification data on new antigen vaccine research

Theragen Bio (Research Center Director: Paik Soon-myeong), a global genome analysis service and AI-based new drug development company, held a contract ceremony with ARONTER on the 10th for joint development of an AI-based personalized cancer vaccine design platform. This contract ceremony was held at Theragen Bio headquarters with the attendance of key executives from both companies, including Theragen Bio Research Institute Director Paik Soon-myeong, Deputy Director Hong Seong-eui, Deputy Director Kim Hae-sook, Arontier CEO Ko Jun-su, CSO Son In-seok, and COO Kim Tae-hyung.

Under this joint research and development agreement, the two companies will cooperate in the development of a patient-tailored neoantigen-based cancer vaccine. Theragen Bio provides advice based on the latest knowledge in the field of neoantigen vaccine research and experimental verification data on immunogenicity, and can utilize Arontier's technology to predict the immunogenicity of neoantigens.


Arontier utilizes not only sequence-based algorithms but also protein binding structures between neoantigens, MHC (pMHC), and TCR to improve the immunogenicity of neoantigens. Model the TCR-pMHC binding structure, extract features based on the predicted 3D structure, predict immunogenicity using a deep learning algorithm, and extract new antigens to be used in cancer vaccine design. Based on research capabilities accumulated over a period of over 14 years, Theragen Bio discovered accurate mutations in clinical cancer tissue samples and DEEPOMICS-NEO®, a sequence-based neoantigen prediction algorithm based on 'DEEPOMICS®', a big data-based genome analysis platform. We have a variety of BI analysis pipelines, including DEEPOMICS-FFPE®, that enable


Paik Soon-myeong, head of Theragen Bio Research Institute, said, “As a new drug development company that is developing a genome-based personalized cancer vaccine, we will realize personalized medicine based on genome technology from cancer diagnosis to customized new drug development in the future and contribute to human welfare and health.” He said.


Junsu Ko, CEO of Arontier, said, “This contract will be an opportunity to greatly strengthen our competitiveness in developing personalized cancer vaccines through the combination of Theragen Bio’s genome technology and Arontier’s AI technology.” He added, “We will expand our global footprint through innovative technology development.” “We will strive to lead the development of AI-based cancer vaccines,” he said.


[Photo] Photo of the contract ceremony (left, Theragen Bio Research Institute Director Baek Soon-myeong, right, Arontier CEO Ko Jun-su)