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[Press Releases] [Press Release]Theragen, Element Bioscience Introduce AVITI for the First Time in South Korea

마케팅커뮤니케이션2023-10-13Hit 1152


Element AVITI Demonstrates High Data Accuracy with Low Sequencing Data Production and Compatibility with Existing Kits in Partnership with Theragen Bio for Its First Introduction in South Korea

KOGO Summer Conference, taking place from the 12th to the 14th, to feature a special promotion for half-priced WGS in celebration of AVITI's domestic introduction.


Element Biosciences' ultra-precision genome analysis (sequencing) system, 'AVITI,' is being introduced in partnership with Theragen, marking the first such collaboration in South Korea. AVITI is a sequencer known for its high data accuracy even with minimal sequencing data production, achieved through sophisticated technology. Notably, it has garnered attention in the market even before its launch by promoting the provision of top-quality sequencing at a cost of $200 per genome or $2 per gigabyte. Another noteworthy feature is its ability to specify individual lanes for two independent dual-flow cells, which allows experiments to proceed without filling all flow cells, offering a reasonable price to researchers.


They have maximized experiment efficiency and increased compatibility in the reagents and diagnostic kit segment by expanding to more than 65 types of kits through programs like Avidity Sequencing™ and Loopseq™, independently developed sequencing systems.


Molly He, CEO of Element, expressed her delight, saying, "I am pleased to establish a partnership with Theragen, a company in South Korea with a vast bioscience market." She added, "We will provide customers with the best service by combining Theragen's excellent BI data analysis capabilities with AVITI's technology."


Theragen 's CEO, Hwang Tae-soon, mentioned that " Theragen will gain a distinctive BI competitive edge and TAT competitiveness in the field of microbiome and NGS services through AVITI in the future." He further stated, "As we embark on a new partnership with Element Sciences, we will do our best to ensure that AVITI is a part of our customers' research outcomes."


Element Biosciences and Theragen will participate in the Korean Genome Society (KOGO) event held at the Catholic University from October 12th to 14th. During the conference, they plan to offer a promotion, providing whole-genome sequencing at a 50% discount compared to the regular price for all attendees visiting their booth.