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[Press Releases] [Press Release]Theragen Bio acquires patent for predicting primary sites of cancer of unknown primary using genomic data.

마케팅커뮤니케이션2023-03-21Hit 1319

■ Obtained a patent for AI and machine learning-based technology to accurately measure and predict the primary site of origin of unknown primary cancer.

■ Hoping to improve the diagnostic accuracy for dark matter cancer with poor prognosis in the future, and provide practical assistance to cancer patients who were difficult to diagnose.

Theragen Bio, a global genomics analysis service and AI-based drug development company (CEO: Samuel Hwang), announced that it has obtained a patent (Application No. 10-2020-0076756) for predictive technology that assists in diagnosing the primary site of specific cancers.

The technology aims to acquire mRNA and DNA CpGs (regions of methylation occurrence) data from patients with cancer of unknown primary origin, where establishing a treatment strategy is difficult due to the unknown primary site. The technology involves two feature extraction steps to extract tissue-specific feature data (biomarkers) for predicting the primary site of origin. The method utilizes a random forest model to predict the primary site of origin.

As cancer has the characteristic of metastasis, accurately diagnosing the primary site of origin and establishing a treatment strategy based on it has become an important point for complete recovery. Theragen Bio's patented technology can effectively extract marker information that is used to predict the primary site of origin through machine learning techniques by digitizing genomic data, including RNA, mRNA, or methylation, from cancer cells of patients with cancer of unknown primary origin. In the future, this technology is expected to help establish treatment strategies that are suitable for specific types of cancer by predicting the primary site of origin of cancer of unknown primary origin more precisely and accurately.

Samuel Hwang said, "What we do is not just developing technology, but saving the lives of precious family members of someone. With this patent, we hope to provide practical help to those who have been difficult to diagnose and treat." He added, "Theragen Bio will continue to strive to provide hope and practical solutions to cancer patients with a sense of mission to contribute to the health and welfare of humanity."

Meanwhile, based on over 10 years of experience in genomic analysis and research capabilities, Theragen Bio possesses an AI-based personalized analysis platform called DEEPOMICS®. Additionally, leveraging a deep understanding of cancer genomics through cancer vaccine drug development, the company is developing a neoantigen vaccine targeting dark matter cancer. The company plans to continue its research and development efforts for patient-specific treatment targets and innovative solutions based on genomic big data platform DEEPOMICS® and genomic-based drug development.