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[Press Releases] [Press Release]Theragen Bio, registered 8 patents related to genomics analysis and published 21 papers.

마케팅커뮤니케이션2022-12-22Hit 2038

■ "A global genomics analysis company announced 8 patents and 21 papers in 2022 across various fields, including genomics analysis, AI, and healthcare. The company holds a total of 28 accumulated patents and 156 related papers in these areas."

■ "The related patents and papers are the result of Theragen Bio's active research activities, and as a leading company in the industry, it will continue to achieve steady results."

Theragen Bio (CEO: Samuel Hwang), a global genomics analysis service and AI-based drug development company, announced that it has published eight patents and 21 papers related to genomic analysis in 2022. As a global genomic analysis company, Theragen Bio has accumulated 28 patents and 156 papers in all related business areas.

Theragen Bio has registered a total of eight related patents with the Korean Intellectual Property Office this year. These include four patents related to genomic analysis, such as a method for providing information on the treatment response of immuno-oncology therapy and a device using the method; a patent registration for a customized healthcare system based on genomic analysis data and lifestyle data; a method for screening somatic cell variants to determine the culture adaptability of stem cells; and a method and device for predicting future faces based on genetic information. Additionally, three AI-related patents were registered for DEEPOMICS® Marker, an AI-based patient classification molecular subtyping device; DEEPOMICS® NEO, an AI-based cancer vaccine development platform; a device and computer program for predicting the immunogenicity of synthetic long peptides; a genomic data de-identification processing device for protecting personal information; and a method for generating de-identified genetic data. Furthermore, there was one healthcare-related patent for a method for determining personal skin type and a method and system for providing customized cosmetics based on it. In particular, this year, two patents were registered for DEEPOMICS®, a genomic big data service, advancing the AI-based patient-specific diagnostic prognosis analysis platform.

Theragen Bio has published 21 papers in 2022 in various fields including healthcare and genomic transcriptome analysis. To actively patent inventions, Theragen Bio has always operated a job invention reward system and regulations related to paper review and rewards.

Samuel Hwang said, "We are developing a platform-based cancer vaccine based on our accumulated research and technology. The related patents and papers are the result of Theragen Bio's active research activities, and we will continue to perform steadily as an industry leader."