DNA Collection Kit

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How to Use GENE KIT (DNA collector)
Please rinse the inside of your mouth with water before collecting a DNA sample (mouth swab).
Collect DNA after removing as much saliva as possible from the inside of your mouth.
How to Collect DNA Sample (Mouth Swab)
Take out the GENE KIT (DNA Collector) out of the package.
Open by turning with the right hand while pressing the perforated area with the thumb of the left hand.
Do not touch the DNA collection surface (white paper area) if possible.
Press the DNA collection surface on your cheek inside your mouth.
While pressing, scrape toward the front (direction of arrow).
Do not rub it back and forth like a toothbrush, but only scrape in one direction. Repeat the above procedure seven times.
When DNA collection is finished, write your name and the last four digits of your phone number in the sample information record blank.
Put the GENE KIT in the case after completing collection.
When DNA collection is finished, pack it as follows
Completed GENE KIT
Signed Genetic Test Consent Form
Personal Information Collection/Use Consent Form
Health Questionnaire
(Family relation certificate if the subject is a minor)
Pack the GENE KIT in a courier box.
Send it to the genetic test institution by courier with collection on delivery.
CJ Logistics 1588-1255
Delivery Address
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Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology (AICT) 4F, Building A (Zip Code) 443-270

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