ConditionWithout degradation and RNA contaminationWithout degradation and DNA contaminationIndex information required
Minimum Quantity1μg1μgVol 20μl
Minimum concentration50ng/μl65ng/μl10ng/μl 10nmol
PurityOD260/280 = 1.5~2.2RIN ≥ 6.0If possible, Bioanalyzer result would be the best
FFPE RequirementMinimum Surface area = 25mm2
Minimum sample depth = 40microns
Minimum sample volume = 1mm3
Minimum Nucleated cellularity = 80%
Minimum tumor content = 20%

A day before shipping


Purify RNA from sample and perform QC – Nano Drop, electrophoresis are required.


Suspend total RNA sample in precipitation solution (final volume 100 ~ 400 μl)


Add 1/10 volume of 3M NaOAc (pH 5.2)


Spin down and make sure the pellet is in solution

On the day of shipping


Store at -80℃ during precipitation


Spin down and make sure the pellet is in solution


Pack the tube in box of wall thickness at least 1.5 inch with dry ice and ice packs


Seal the box tightly


It takes about 4 to 5 weeks in total because it takes 1 to 2 weeks for data production (sequencing) after sample QC and then another 1 to 2 weeks for analysis.
This can differ when a platform is changed or it is not a basic analysis.
Generally, in the case of normal samples, about 30X (90 Gb) of data are produced.
If it is a cancer sample, two times the depth, or 60X (180 Gb) of data can be produced.
According to the first Asian genome map, 20X paired-end data is needed to acquire a complete resequencing map, and the final depth can differ by sample type and analysis purpose.
We upload it to the account allocated to each customer on the FTP server and inform customers of the method to log into the site and ID/PW.
Most of all, exome sequencing is advantageous in finding the location of common variants and rare variants in the exon region.
Not only that, it produces more reliable and accurate data than a chip.
We mainly use Agilent SureSelect Human All Exome v5.
We can use other kits.
The quotation for each project can vary depending on data production amount, analysis contents, etc.
For details, you can inquire about a quotation on the inquiry page and receive a reply.
Payment Method : You can pay with a tax invoice or research expense card.
Deposit Method : Please send payments to the Theragen Etex account below.
(Bank Name: IBK, Account: 120-147607-04-016, Account Name: Theragen Etex Bio Institute)
You can find them in R&D > Outcomes & Awards > Publications


Unlike a disease prediction service, you can apply for the GeneStyle service, collect a sample, and check the results all in your own home.
You can apply for and purchase a GeneStyle kit on www.genestyle.co.kr
Innerhealth is a service that provides healthcare solutions that match customers aby identifying genetic characteristics that affect the inside of the body, while Outfit Beauty is a service that provides optimal beauty care to customers by identifying the genetic characteristics that affect their outer appearance.
Innerhealth and Outfit Beauty are provided for 99,000 won, respectively, and if you apply for both services at the same time, the price is discounted to 150,000 won.
Human genes do not change for one’s entire life.
However, if the age of receiving the service is lower, a more suitable care solution is possible.
The oral epithelial cell collection tool provided by the Theragen Etex Bio Institute is a dry type and can be stored at room temperature for one week after collection.
You don’t need to keep it refrigerated. It is best if you send it immediately after collection.
The completed kit takes about 2 to 4 weeks to process from the time of arrival.
A PDF file and result sheet are sent to the email and address that you use when applying.
You can return it to the Theragen Etex Bio Institute by mail or courier with collection on delivery.
If you send an inquiry mail to help@theragenbio.com, you can receive a prompt reply.
It is possible if the sample collection kit box has not been opened. (A sticker should be attached.). In this case, you should return the kit at your own expense.
However, it is difficult to receive a refund for change of mind about an opened sample collection kit. Please understand.


According to Chapter 4 Genetic Test, Article 25, Paragraph 3 (Restrictions on Genetic Test) of the Bioethics and Safety Act, no genetic testing institution other than a medical institution, shall conduct a genetic test.
Therefore, you should visit a medical institution that can provide the HelloGene service and apply for the service.
If you wish to get a guide for a medical institution, please call 1522-2375.
The subject of the HelloGene service is all ages.
It is recommended for middle-aged people in their 30s to 40s who are interested in diseases. For minors, a legal representative’s written consent form and separate checking of test items are needed.
As the number of cells extracted from hair roots or nails are limited, it is difficult to obtain sufficient DNA information for the HelloGene service.
That is why genes are usually analyzed with blood for accurate analysis service results.
After DNA is extracted from the blood of customers, a professional analysis researcher conducts a genotyping experiment and interprets the genotype.
With the deciphered genotype data, the individual risk of diseases is predicted based on various kinds of medical information, our own research, and excellent overseas research data.
The final analysis results are delivered to the medical staff and customers can get a detailed explanation of their genotype and disease risk from them.
HelloGene’s DNA deciphering success rate is 99.8% per deciphering.
To minimize the error rate, we do a reproducibility test, and as a result, the best accuracy at 99.96% is maintained.
DNA deciphering results are very accurate.
As for the blood sample information delivered to HelloGene, personal and genetic information is protected with an anonymous security system and the security staff thoroughly manage them. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the leakage of information.
If the whole family uses the individual genetic information service, heritable disease information and family history can be checked.
In particular, as children inherit genes from parents, it will be very helpful for them to understand genetic factors related to health, disease, and physical characteristics.
As for the phenotype item provided as an individual genetic information service, diseases with the higher incidence in Asians, including Koreans, due to genetic factors, specific physical features, and food and drug reactions are selected by priority.
Also, by including disease-related genetic markers identified in prominent research journals, reliable HelloGene result sheets are created.
The research staff of “HelloGene” are making efforts to make an accurate “individual genetic information service” by continuously adding and improving the latest medical science research result information.
HelloGene does not provide clinical diagnosis results, but disease prediction data.
Therefore, this information can be correctly applied to customers only when it is interpreted by consulting with medical experts in medical institutions.
A health checkup can only check the present and past states of health, while the individual genetic information service is healthcare that can even predict diseases with high incidence risk in the future.
The individual genetic information service is proactive disease management healthcare on the level of preventive medicine.
After the interpretation of your genome, the results are managed by you.
Therefore, whether or not you disclose genetic information depends on you. As you are responsible for all the problems incurred by disclosure, you should be careful about the disclosure of genetic information.
The individual genetic information service is a predictable advice information service, not a diagnosis.
Although the likelihood of a disease may be high, customers can sufficiently lower the risk of disease with the improvement of lifestyle and diet, which are influential.
Therefore, this result sheet should be correctly interpreted by consulting with medical experts.
Disease development is decided by both genetic influence and environmental influence.
HelloGene shows the results of genetic influence.
Therefore, you don’t have to worry too much because the risk of certain diseases is high. However, you have a genetic predisposition for the development of the corresponding diseases. So, you can get an early diagnosis with regular checkups and prepare for the risk of the corresponding diseases with prior management.