NGS LIMS / BI Pipeline

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The computing resources and software systems are robust in security and are adaptive in scalability.

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Virtual Private Network

No unauthenticated user can access any resources from public networks.

Transport Layer Security

All authenticated/authorized users are forced to use TLS all the time.

One-Way Hashing

All user credentials are stores using one-way hash (cannot be recovered).


Compute : Sun Grid Engine

A public open-sourced variant of Sun Grid Engine (proprietary) is used.

Storage : Gluster File System

Another open-sourced file system without limit on size is used.

LIMS : Enduring Heavy Loads

Used over four years in-house without any scalability problem so far.

Key points of NGS service
BI pipeline

All process automated for NGS analysis service

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All of Theragen Bio TotalOmics BI pipelines are made up of automated systems for convenient operation.

AWS Cloud

Establish the AWS Cloud-based custom analysis environment for efficient resource operations for users.

Wide Spectrum

The Theragen Bio TotalOmics
BI pipeline contains a broad spectrum of services across a wide range of species.

Valuable BI

Support advanced analysis to meet your needs.

Out-licensing BT/IT Platform to CPM,
which is the leading company for precision medicine in Japan.

* CPM(Cancer Precision Medicine)

We licensed out software and systems developed with top-quality technology and capabilities such as LIMS, Liquid Biopsy Analysis Technology and Analytical Pipeline to the CPM Inc.

“$ 3 million license out to CPM”

Theragen Bio LIMS

Export of our own LIMS system specialized in NGS experiment and analysis. The first version of LIMS was completed and delivered to CPM in November, 2017.

Liquid Biopsy Analysis Technology

Liquid Biopsy Analysis Technology
The experimental/analytic technology of our Liquid Biopsy solution recognized for market value

BI Pipeline

Our unique and automated BI (Bioinformatics) analytic pipelines valued with technology/capability