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Life science is rapidly changing as big data and AI technologies are used in earnest.
Also, omics data, which include the genome, transcriptome, and proteome, are rapidly growing as results of the development of sequencing technology and reduction of production costs.

As meaningful patterns are found in omics data by AI technology and algorithms are made, the classification of responses patients have to diseases like cancer have become possible and research on new treatments is being conducted.
Theragen Bio leads at the front of this new paradigm with the development of customized AI solutions using omics and image data.
In addition, a cloud-based big data consulting service is provided.

Service details

1. Omics Data Analysis Solution Using Deep Learning

In the diagnosis and research of cancer, the identification and determination of cancerous status or tissue origin of the tissues/samples is costly and time consuming, and requires abundant knowledge and experience.
Theragen Bio has successfully developed a deep learning algorithm-based prediction model that accurately predicts cancer presence or absence and tissue category using cancer-related data such as gene expression data. This prediction model has excellent performance in terms of accuracy compared with existing life information analysis and machine learning algorithms, and Theragen Bio can conduct high-level research in the cancer genome field by applying it.

2. AI-based Multi-Omics Big Data Analysis Service

Large-scale infrastructure and advanced analysis technology are needed to analyze multi-omics data.
Theragen Bio can design new analysis models for complicated interactions of various omics data using AI-based machine learning and deep learning technologies.

– Improvement of accuracy with the use of multi-omics data

As data types and amounts increase, internal information amounts increase and complicated interrelations come into being between data.
Therefore, it is important to find an exact and optimized model to utilize meaningful data.
Theragen Bio provides optimal solutions by combining and structuring models suitable for data to produce the best results.

3. Drug Development / Big Data Analysis Solution for Biomarker Discovery and Evaluation

– Drug Development

Currently, big data and artificial intelligence technologies are being used throughout the entire cycle in the field of new drug development. Even in the field of drug repurposing, big data and artificial intelligence technologies are being used.
When developing new medical uses for drugs that failed in commercialization due to safety issues in the clinical steps or those that are already selling on the market, these types of technologies can reduce costs and shorten the development period.
The core of these technologies is the extraction of information by mining omics big data. The processing and analysis of various omics big data will be able to accelerate the development of new drugs.

– Prediction of Tumor Mutation Burden (TMB) / Neoantigens

Recently, cancer treatment methods based on immuno-oncology are emerging. Theragen Bio obtains data by sequencing the genome collected from the tumors of patients and discovers biomarkers that can suggest the most suitable treatment method for the patients using the data. With the prediction of tumor mutation burden (TMB), one of the biomarkers, customized treatment methods can be analyzed promptly and accurately.
The new cancer vaccine includes 10 to 20 different specific variation proteins and neoantigens by each tumor of a patient. These proteins are not found in healthy cells and play the role of enhancing the effect of T-cells on attacks on cancer cells. Therefore, it is critical to predict if this protein is present in a cell for effective vaccine treatment.

– Development and Evaluation of Biomarkers

If biomarkers for target drugs are discovered during drug development, the development success rate can be increased by classifying patients who react well to the drugs during clinical trials using the biomarkers. Theragen Bio provides such a service as part of its data-based solution business for customized treatments for patients.

4. Big Data Consulting Service

Along with the recent production of various and abundant omics big data due to the development of genome technology and low production costs, new research is actively being conducted. However, due to rapid increases in the amount of data, researchers have difficulty storing, managing, and analyzing it.
Theragen Bio can support the best solutions for researchers to successfully utilize big data as it has data resources, processing/treatment, technology, and analysis/utilization manpower.