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Theragen Bio Identifies Cancer Metastasis and Malignancy Mechanism with “Anti-Cancer Gene P53”

2020-05-19 09:08

Theragen Bio (CEO and President Hwang Tae-soon) identified a gene mutation mechanism of action, which promotes colorectal cancer metastasis and malignancy, together with Precision Medicine Research Center (Principal Researcher Kim Seong-jin), Advanced Institutes of Convergence Technology, Seoul National University and Cancer Research Institute, and Kanazawa University of Japan.

This study was published in the latest issue of Nature Communications (impact factor: 11.88).

In general, cancer metastasis and malignancy are known to be promoted by “gain of function (GOF)” due to the missense mutation of the anti-cancer gene “P53,” which inhibits the abnormal growth of cancer cells and induces apoptosis.

Furthermore, it is also conjectured that the “loss of wild-type P53 due to the loss of heterozygosity” in cancer cells may be involved in cancer metastasis and malignancy, but their mechanism has not been demonstrated clearly.

This research team, however, revealed how the P53 gene promotes cancer metastasis and malignancy.

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