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Theragen Bio Launched to Accelerate Tailored Genome-based Drug Discovery Business

2020-05-04 17:38


Theragen Bio spun off from Theragen Etex and was officially launched on May 4.

With this spin-off, Theragen Bio is planning to actively go forward with tailored drug discovery business based on genome technologies.

Samuel(Taesoon) Hwang, who headed Theragen Bio for 2017 before the spin-off, was appointed as the new CEO and President.

At the annual shareholder meeting in March, Theragen Etex resolved to spin off its genome division and create the privately held company Theragen Bio. The company has since then gone forward with the spin-off procedure. On this day, the company applied for spin-off registration and submitted a final spin-off report to the Financial Supervisory Service.

Theragen Bio set its first challenge as tailored cancer treatment research such as immunotherapy and therapeutic vaccines based on cancer patients’ NeoAntigens.

Next, it will develop a genome-based companion diagnostics biomarker, which can support drug discovery and improve the efficiency of cancer treatment in pharmaceuticals in Korea and around the world using AI and big data.