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TheragenEtex Presents Result of Clinical Trial on ‘Vactosertib’ for Multiple Myeloma at American Society of Hematology

2018-12-03 16:26

MedPacto, a subsidiary of TheragenEtex, participated in the regular conference of ASH (American Society of Hematology), which was held in San Diego, the United States, on December 1, to presented the result of clinical trial on ‘Vactosertib (TEW-7197)’, the new anticancer drug for multiple myeloma.

MedPacto conducted sponsor-investigator trial phase 1b, a simultaneous injection of ‘Pomalidomide (Celgene)’, the currently used multiple myeloma drug, and ‘Vactosertib’ on 5 patients at Case Western Reserve University Comprehensive Cancer Center of the United States since August of the last year. The company has announced that the result was 100% survival rate without any advance for 6 months.

In regard to this result, a personnel from MedPacto explained, “Considering that the current treatment’s median of survival period without advance for simultaneous injection of ‘Pomalidomide’ and ‘Dexamethasone’, is 3.6 months, the survival of all test subjects without advancement was sustained for 6 months (meaning, until the end of the first observation period) is quite surprising and significant data, in spite of small subject size.

MedPacto is planning to continue the clinical trial, with 27 subjects including 5 current subjects, until 2019.