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TheragenEtex Launches Commercialization of “Korean Customized Genomic Chip” Developed by the Government

2018-11-14 16:24

TheragenEtex Bio Institute is receiving technologies on ‘Korean Customized Genome Analysis Chip’ developed by Korea National Institute of Health under Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Korea and beginning commercialization of the chip.

TheragenEtex is obtaining the rights of implementation regarding technologies related to ‘Korea Customized Genome Analysis Chip’ from Korea National Institute of Health and launching provision of genomic information through utilization of the granted rights and technologies.

‘Korean Customized Genome Analysis Chip’ was developed by Korea National Institute of Health in 2015, through technological capability accumulated from ‘Korean Genome Analysis Project’ and ‘Post-Genome Multi-department Genome Project’, which the government has promoted for 10 years.