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“TheragenEtex Launches Development of a New Oral Lou Gehrig’s Disease Drug”

2018-11-13 16:23

As a domestic pharmaceutical company launches research on oral drug for Lou Gehrig’s disease to currently used intravenous injection, enhancement in quality of life of the patients is expected.

TheragenEtex is planning to start preclinical and clinical trial on candidate for oral derivative (TEJ-1704) of ‘RadicutInj (substance name: Edaravone)’, the drug for Lou Gehrig’s disease, which was jointly developed by TheragenEtex and J2H Biotech.

TheragenEtex held contract ceremony in which J2H transfers the whole of relevant technologies and global copyrights to TheragenEtex.

As safety and effectiveness of ‘RadicutInj’ are already proved and the newly developed oral drug indicated absorption rate equivalent to 80% of absorption rate of current intravenous injection during animal tests, TheragenEtex is optimistic about successful development.

If the development of oral medicine ‘RadicutInj’ succeeds, Lou Gehrig’s disease patients no longer have to regularly visit hospitals for intravenous injection and withdrawal period since adjustment of internal drug concentration is no longer required.