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TheragenEtex Launches ‘MediFit’, a Genetically Customized Diet Service

2018-11-01 16:22

TheragenEtex Bio Institute has launched ‘GenestyleMedifit’, a customized diet solution service based on genomic big data.

Unlike existing gene analysis programs for diet, this service analyzes 200 genetic information through big data and deep learning based AI and provides predictions on possible cause of obesity and suggestion on solutions.

‘GenestyleMedifit’ analyzes genes related to 6 items, including appetite control, fat metabolism, saccharometabolism, stress, infection, and energy consumption, and suggests appropriate diet, exercise, nutritional supplements, and drugs.

It also analyzes genetic characteristics including eating habits, hunger and satiety, response to favorite food, nutritional metabolism, sense of taste, effectiveness of exercise, and fat reducing response, and provides personal genetic risks of diseases possibly caused by obesity, including stroke, hypertension, myocardial infarction, cancer, and sterility.