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TheragenEtex Demonstrates Technological Capability in European Society of Human Genetics

2019-06-18 16:36

TheragenEtex Bio Institute is participating in the annual ESHG (European Society of Human Genetics) Conference held in Gothenburg, Sweden, from June 15 to June 18, to demonstrate its technological capability and win contracts.

ESHG Conference, which has been annually held in different regions of Europe in turn since 1967, is one of three largest conferences in genomics field, and 200 companies and 3,000 researchers have participated in this year’s conference.

TheragenEtex has opened an exhibition booth in the conference site while promoting its NGS technology and new services to visiting personnel from companies, universities, labs, and public institutes.

In addition, TheragenEtex is also promoting sales for whole-genome, exome, and RNA sequencing of ‘NovaSeq6000’, the latest genomic analysis device.