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New Oral Drug for Lou Gehrig’s Disease Is Designated as National Assignment at ‘Korea Drug Development Fund’

2019-03-14 16:33

New oral drug for Lou Gehrig’s disease currently under development by TheragenEtex is designated as a new drug assignment of KDDF (Korea Drug Development Fund).

Being designated as the managing organization of Trans-Governmental, Full Cycle Novel Drug Development Project, TheragenEtex will conduct research on new oral drug for Lou Gehrig’s disease, ‘TEJ-1704’, along with J2H Biotech until June 2020, under the R&D funding by KDDF.

Last year, TheragenEtex developed ‘TEJ-1704’, an oral drug and a substitute material for treating Lou Gehrig’s disease, through joint R&D with J2H Biotech. They are planning to enter preclinical and clinical trial in the latter half of the next year, following the current research.

If the oral drug for Lou Gehrig’s disease is developed, patients will not have to regularly visit hospitals for intravenous injection treatment and can expect sustained internal drug concentration without withdrawal period.