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TheragenEtex Is Designated as a Participating Organization for ‘Customized Cosmetics Development Project’ at Jeju Island

2018-12-20 16:30

TheragenEtex Bio Institute has been selected as a participating organization for ‘Project for Development of Generic Technology for Customized Cosmetics though Big Data’ launched by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

In this project, 15 organizations including Seoul National University Hospital, Chung-ang University Hospital, Jeju National University, Amorepacific Corporation as well as TheragenEtex are participating as a consortium. The project begins in this month and 10 billion KRW R&D funding including 7 billion KRW national funds will be injected for 2 years and 3 months.

TheragenEtex will oversee genetic analysis and development of technology to predict genetic characteristics of skins.

TheragenEtex will also analyze genetic samples of more than 1,000 specimens, find the genetic aspect which affects skin characteristics, and develop a big data platform system based on the results.