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TheragenEtex Showed Its Best Performance Last Year… 18% up in Revenue and Operating Income in the Black

2020-02-20 09:08
TheragenEtex showed its best performance both in revenue and operating income last year.

Theragen Etex’s revenue last year was KRW 138.7 billion, 18.1% up from the year before, while its operating income was KRW 4.5 billion and its net income was KRW 58.8 billion, both of which experienced positive change.

Theragen Etex revealed its tentative performance on February 20 in a disclosure for “30% or more change in revenue or profitability.”

With the company’s diversification in sales structure, its revenue rose from KRW 21.2 billion to a record high of KRW 117.5 billion last year.