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TheragenEtex Launches DTC Genetic Test for 55 Items, the Largest of its Kind in Korea

2020-03-03 09:08
On March 3, Theragen Bio (CEO and President Samuel(Taesoon) Hwang) announced that it launched GeneStyle Wellness 55+, a direct to consumer (DTC) genetic testing service for 55 items, the largest test of its kind in Korea.

Theragen Etex obtained approval last year for 55 items of its “DTC Certification Pilot Project” from the Ministry of Health and Welfare and launched this new service pursuant to the latest notice issued by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Previously, the government limited the number of items of a DTC genetic test to 12 across the entire industry. Last year, however, the government evaluated the accuracy, safety, and consumer satisfaction of the “Pilot Project” and prepared and implemented a regulation for this year that allows different numbers of test items for different companies.

Theragen Etex’s new service, GeneStyle Wellness 55+, includes items that were not allowed in the test previously, including vitamin D, coenzyme Q10, and other nutrients, exercise characteristics such as eligibility for aerobic exercise, skin beauty such as dark spots/freckles, and alopecia areata (hair loss).

Furthermore, it also includes items related to health and personal traits, including eating habits such as appetite and satiety, sensitivity to taste, caffeine/alcohol dependence, insomnia, obesity, early bird-night owl tendencies, and susceptibility to osteoarthritis.

Theragen Etex also reported 175 genetic markers used to interpret the results of the above items, the largest number of markers in Korea. The company is planning to further improve accuracy by conducting a comprehensive analysis considering the relationships between various genes.