NGS Sample Requirements

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Sample Requirements
ConditionWithout degradation and RNA contaminationWithout degradation and DNA contaminationIndex information required
Minimum Quantity1μg1μgVol 20μl
Minimum concentration50ng/μl65ng/μl10ng/μl 10nmol
PurityOD260/280 = 1.5~2.2RIN ≥ 6.0If possible, Bioanalyzer result would be the best
FFPE RequirementMinimum Surface area = 25mm2
Minimum sample depth = 40microns
Minimum sample volume = 1mm3
Minimum Nucleated cellularity = 80%
Minimum tumor content = 20%

Service Procedure


Project experiment/analysis design discussion

Check sample characteristics, library kit, platform, and amount analysis


Sample delivery

Send sample via FedEx/DHL


Sample QC

Checking amount, concentration, ratio, degradation, and other states using sample QC


NGS / Bioinformatics

Manufacturing library, sequencing and data analysis based on a prior discussed design


Data transfer

Sending raw data and analysis results of the corresponding sample

DNA / RNA Sample Shipping Guide
DNA Sample : 1ug (50ng/ul), OD260/280 = 1.6~2.0
RNA Sample : 1ug (65ng/ul), RIN value > 6.0

NGS TotalOmics Sample Sheet
Step 1 : If there are QC results, write the sample information on the sample sheet of the order application.
Step 2 : Store samples in a deep freezer at -80°C before delivery.

Download NGS TotalOmics Sample Sheet

Sample Packaging

A 1.5 ml tube is wrapped in para film to prevent the sealing sample from evaporating.

A sample sheet and labeled sample tube are sealed in a zipper bag.

Pack samples.
The thickness of packing box a minimum of 3.8 cm.

Surround the sample sufficiently by dry ice.

Tie a plastic bag well for sealing. (However, the plastic bag should not be tied too tightly in summer because it may burst.)

Fill the space between plastic bag and box with buffer materials such as newspaper and seal the box with tape.

Payment Guide
Basic Policy: Half of the total amount is paid in the data production stage and the remainder is paid within one month from the date when the NGS analysis results are sent.
Option: The total amount can be paid at one time before library construction.
* Payment Method
1. Tax Invoice
2. Credit Card
When you send the payment, transfer it to the account below.
Account No.: 120-147607-04-016
Bank Name: IBK
Account Name: Theragen Bio

Delivery Address
Theragen Bio
4th Fl. Korea Bio Park Bldg. C, 700 Daewangpangyo-ro
Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do
(Zip Code) 13488
Delivery Inquiries
Tel: 82-31-888-9313