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Quality Management System
In order to satisfy customer needs, the company complies with strict quality management.
Korea’s First NGS Clinical Laboratory
A next-generation sequencing (NGS) clinical laboratory certification system that that has been enforced by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (KFDA) since August 2016 grants this certification to laboratories that can provide service for patients’ gene analysis by using NGS equipment.
The KFDA executes this NGS clinical laboratory certification system by comprehensively evaluating the quality management system of the laboratory, skill level of the examination staff, and performance of medical equipment.
Genetic Test Accuracy Evaluation Certificate
The Genetic Test Accuracy Evaluation Certificate is a certification system executed by the Korea Institute of Genetic Test Evaluation for the improvement of service quality of genetic testing institutes. This certification evaluates the accuracy of genetic test results, adequacy of the research process of genetic test institutes, fitness of genetic test facilities and equipment, adequacy of genetic test manpower, etc.
ISO9001 Quality Management System International Certificate
The ISO 9001 Certificate is a system that objectively certifies that a company consistently provides products and services that satisfy customer needs and regulations and requirements.
The company obtained ISO9001 and has managed and operated services to be maintained and provided to customers with high quality.
Certified Service Provider
The company provides customers with services that are reliable and satisfactory
while maintaining mutual service collaboration programs with partner companies such as illumina and Thermo Fisher Scientific.
Affymetrix Certified Service Provider
Agilent Technologies NGS Target Enrichment System Certified Service Provider
Agilent Technologies on Torrent Certified Service Provider
illumina Veracode Genotyping Certified Service Provider
illumina HiSeq® Sequencing Certified Service Provider
Life Technologies Ion AmpliSeq Exome Certified Service Provider
ThermoFisher OpenArray Certified Service Provider